Hardwood is an amazing renewable resource.  Trees remove carbon from the atmosphere, combine it with oxygen and hydrogen, and produce one of the most versatile materials in use today.  Many hardwoods will last indefinitely when properly harvested, dried and cared for.

Even though hardwood is considered a carbon neutral renewable resource, harvesting and milling requires huge amounts of energy.  World supplies are dwindling.  Many of the trees harvested are over 100 years old, and land that was once hardwood forest is now used for sprawling urbanization or farmland.

We need to be careful in how we use this precious resource.  Furniture should be beautiful and functional, and should last for generations.  What is more rewarding than rocking your child in the same chair that you were rocked in as a child?

Unfortunately, we live in a 'disposable' society.  Low quality furniture is massed produced with huge amounts of waste and disposed of when it breaks.  While the initial cost of this low quality furniture might be less, the overall cost becomes greater when it needs to be replaced more often.

My goal is to build furniture that my grandchildren and their children will enjoy.  Careful selection of wood, design, and structural joinery ensure each piece WILL withstand the test of time.  Yes, it is expensive; higher quality always costs more because of the time required to produce it.  But it is less expensive than replacing lower quality over a lifetime.

Black Walnut Tree

Black Walnut Tree